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Samsung Firmware Odin: Download & Flash Firmware Updates

Samsung Full Firmwares | 4Files Firmwares (PDA,AP,Modem,Phone,CP,BL,Bootloader,CSC,PIT Files)

​Download here all Samsung 4Files and Full Repair Firmwares, You can use these Repair Firmwares to Fix your Samsung Android Smartphone or Tablet, These files contain the full set of Samsung firmware files, Inside these packages you will get PDA, AP, Modem, Phone, CP, BL, Bootloader, and CSC file. In case you did not find the PIT file inside any full firmware package, Then you can Download it from (PIT and OPS Files for Samsung Android Mobile Phones).

Samsung A500FU Galaxy A5 LTE Repair Firmwares:
A500FUXXU1AOB4 / OXA1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500G Galaxy A5 LTE Repair Firmwares:
A500GXAU1ANK2 / ODD1ANK3 India v4.4.4: Download
A500GXXU1ANK1 / OLC1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500H Galaxy A5 HSPA Repair Firmwares:
A500HXXU1AOC1 / OXY1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500XZ Galaxy A5 LTE Repair Firmwares:
A500XZXXU1ANL1 / PAP1ANL1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A510F Galaxy A5 2016 Repair Firmwares:
A510FXXU1APA3 / OXE1AOL3 Russia v5.1.1: Download 
Samsung A700F Galaxy A7 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
A700FXXU2AOB2 / DBT2AOA2 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A700FD Galaxy A7 DUOS LTE Repair Firmwares:
A700FDXXU1AOAA / ODD1AOA4 India v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1AOAB / OLB1AOA4 v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1AOD4 / OJV1AOD3 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1BOJD / OLB1BOJ1 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A700H Galaxy A7 HSPA Repair Firmwares:
A700HXXU1AOA6 / OXE1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download
A700HXXU1AOA7 / OJV1AOA3 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
A700HXXU1BOI4 / OLBU1BOI4 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A700YD Galaxy A7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
A700YDZSU1BOL4 / ZZH1BOL4 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A710F Galaxy A7 2016 Repair Firmwares:
A710FXXU1APB2 / OXY1APB1 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung A800F Galaxy A8 LTE Repair Firmwares:
A800FXXU1AOG7 / ODD1AOG5 India v5.1.1: Download
A800FXXU1AOG9 / ODD1AOG6 India v5.1.1: Download
A800FXXU1AOH4 / OJV1AOH4 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
Samsung A800I Galaxy A8 Repair Firmwares:
A800IXXU1AOJ1 / OJV1AOJ1 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
A800IXXU2AOJ6 / OLB2AOJ6 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung B5510 Galaxy Y Pro Repair Firmwares:
B5510DXKK1 / OLBKK1 2.3.6: Download
Samsung B5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos Repair Firmwares:
B5512JPLA3 / OJPLA3 Arabic v2.3.6: Download
Samsung C101 Galaxy S4 Zoom Repair Firmwares:
C101XXUAMFB / SERAMFB v4.2.2: Download
C101XXUBNH1 / OXXBNI1 v4.4.2: Download
Samsung C105 Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE Repair Firmwares:
C105XXUAMK6 / OXXAMK1 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung C115 Galaxy K Zoom LTE Repair Firmwares:
C115XXU1BNH1 / OLB1BNH1 v4.4.2: Download
Samsung E500F Galaxy E5 Repair Firmwares:
E500FXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANL4 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E500FXXU1ANLD / OXY1ANLD v4.4.4 : Download
E500FXXU1BOH7 / ODD1BOH2 India v5.1.1: Download
Samsung E500H Galaxy E5 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E500HXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANL7 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E500HXXU1AOB3 / OLB1AOB3 v4.4.4 : Download
E500HXXU1BOG6 / OXY1BOG6 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung E500M Galaxy E5 Repair Firmwares:
E500MUBU1AOD1 / UUB1AOD1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung E700F Galaxy E7 Repair Firmwares:
E700FXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANLB Arabic v4.4.4: Download
Samsung E700H Galaxy E7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E700HXXU1AOAA / OJV1AOAA Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E700HXXU1AOAB / OLB1AOA4 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung E700M Galaxy E7 Repair Firmware:
E700MUBU1AOE1 / UUB1AOE1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung E7000 Galaxy E7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E7000ZCU1AOA4 / CHC1AOA4 China v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G110B Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G110BXXU0ANF5 / ZTR0ANG2 v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G110H Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G110HXXU0ANI6 / OXA0ANI6 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G130E Galaxy Star 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130EXXU0AOC1 / OXE0AOB1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G130H Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130HXXU0ANL1 / OXE0ANI1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G130HN Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130HNXXU0ANL1 / DBT0ANK1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G130M Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130MUBU0ANG9 / THW0ANG4 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G310HN Galaxy Ace Style Repair Firmwares:
G310HNXXU0AND3 / OXX0AND3 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G313F Galaxy Ace NXT Repair Firmwares:
G313FXXU0ANI1 / OJV0ANI1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G313H Galaxy Ace NXT Repair Firmwares:
G313HXXU0ANH1 / OJV0ANH1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G313HXXU0ANL5 / OXE0ANL5 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G313HN Galaxy Trend 2 Repair Firmwares:
G313HNXXU0ANG2 / DBT0ANG1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G313HU Galaxy S Duos 3 Repair Firmwares:
G313HUXXU0ANH1 / OJV0ANG6 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G313HUXXU0ANK1 / OXE0ANK1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G313HZ Galaxy Ace NXT / Galaxy V Repair Firmwares:
G313HZDBU0ANL1 / OLB0ANL1 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G316HU Galaxy S Duos 3 VE Repair Firmwares:
G316HUDDU0AOE2 / ODD0AOE2 India v4.4.4: Download
G316HUJVU0ANL3 / OJV0ANL2 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G316M Galaxy Ace 4 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G316MUBU0AOB3 / UUB0AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G316ML Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Duos Repair Firmwares:
G316MLUBU0AOA3 / UUB0AOA3 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G318HZ Galaxy V Plus Repair Firmwares:
G318HZDDU0AOG2 / ODD0AOG2 India v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G318ML Galaxy Ace 4 Lite Repair Firmwares:
G318MLUBU0AOE3 / UUB0AOE3 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G350 Galaxy Core Plus Repair Firmwares:
G350XXUANB1 / OXXANB2 v4.2.2 : Download
Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance Repair Firmwares:
G350EXWU0ANF2 / OJV0ANF7 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G350EXXU0ANK3 / OXE0ANK4 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G3502 Galaxy Trend 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3502ZNUAMI6 / CHUAMI6 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3502C Galaxy Trend 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3502CZCUANA1 / CHNANA1 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3508i Galaxy Trend 3 Repair Firmwares:
G3508iZMUANB1 / CHMANB1 v4.1.2: Download
Samsung G3509i Galaxy Trend 3 CDMA Repair Firmwares:
G3509iKEUAMLC / CTCAMLC v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G355H Galaxy Core 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:

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G355HXXU0ANG1 | XXU0ANG1 v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0ANH9 | OJV0ANH9 REV04 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0ANL4 | OXE0ANL4 Russia v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0AOA4 | ODD0AOA1 India v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0AOB3 | OXE0AOB3 Russia v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G357FZ Galaxy Ace 4 LTE Repair Firmwares:
G357FZXXU1ANL1 / DBT1AOA1 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung G360F Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360FXXU1AOA1 / OXA1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G360G Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360GDVU1ANJ4 / OLB1ANJ2 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung G360H Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360HXXU0ANK6 / OXE0ANK7 Russia v4.4.4: Download
G360HXXU0ANL2 / OXE0ANL2 Russia v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G360HU Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360HUXXU0AOB1 / OLB0AOB1 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung G360M Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360MUBU1AOA1 / UUB1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G360P Galaxy Prevail LTE / Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360PVPU0ANL8 / SPT0ANL8 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G360T1 Galaxy Core Prime MetroPCS USA Repair Firmwares:
G360T1UVU1AOFA / TMB1AOFA MetroPCS USA v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G361F Galaxy Core Prime LTE Repair Firmwares:
G361FXXU1AOH3 / OXX1AOH2 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G361H Galaxy Core Prime VE Repair Firmwares:
G361HXXU0AOFF / OXE0AOFF Russia v5.1.1: Download
G361HXXU0AOG9 / ODD0AOG9 India v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G3608 Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3608ZMU1ANJ5 / CHM1ANJ5 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G3609 Galaxy Core Prime Duos CDMA Repair Firmwares:
G3609KEU1AOA1 / CTC1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G386F Galaxy Core LTE Repair Firmwares:
G386FXXUANG1 / OXXANG1 v4.2.2 : Download
Samsung G386T Galaxy Avant Repair Firmwares:
G386TUVU1ANG6 / TMB1ANG6 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G386U Galaxy Core LTE Repair Firmwares:
G386UXXUANE6 / OLBANE6 v4.2.2 : Download
Samsung G388F Galaxy Xcover 3 Repair Firmwares:
G388FXXU1AOD4 / BTU1AOC1 UK v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G3812 Galaxy Win Pro Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3812ZNUAML1 / CHUAML1 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3815 Galaxy Express 2 Repair Firmwares:
G3815XXUAMJ1 / VFGAMJ1 v4.2.2: Download
G3815XXUBMK5 / OXXBMK2 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3818 Galaxy Win Pro Repair Firmwares:
G3818ZMUAML7 / CHMAML7 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3819 Galaxy Win Pro Repair Firmwares:
G3819DKEUAMK6 / CTCAMK6 v4.1.2: Download
Samsung G530F Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530FXXU1ANI7 / OJV1ANI1 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G530FQ Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530FQXXU1AOE2 / QOJT1AOF1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G530FZ Galaxy Grand Prime DUOS Repair Firmwares:
G530FZXXU1ANL7 / OXX1ANL4 v4.4.4: Download
G530FZXXU1AOB5 / OXE1AOB1 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung G530H Galaxy Grand Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G530HDCU1AOA2 / OLB1AOA2 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HDXU1ANK2 / OLB1ANL1 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HXCU1AOA3 / OXE1AOA1 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HXXU1ANI8 / SER1ANI8 Russia v4.4.4: Download
G530HXXU1ANJ3 / OXE1ANJ1 v4.4.4 : Download
Samsung G530M Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530MUUHU1AOC3 / UUB1AOE1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G530T1 Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530T1UVU1AOH9 / TMB1AOH9 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G531F Galaxy Grand Prime Duos VE Repair Firmwares:
G531FDDU1AOH2 / ODD1AOH2 India v5.1.1: Download
G531FXXU1AOGB / OXX1AOG1 v5.1.1: Download
G531FXXU1AOH5 / OJV1AOH5 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G531H Galaxy Grand Prime Duos VE Repair Firmwares:
G531HDDU0AOH2 / ODD0AOH2 India v5.1.1: Download
G531HXXU0AOG7 / OXE0AOG7 v5.1.1 Russia: Download
G531HXXU0AOH8 / OJV0AOH2 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G531HDXU0AOK2 / OLB0AOK2 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G531M Galaxy Grand Prime VE Repair Firmwares:
G531MUBU1AOFB / UUB1AOFB v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G5108 / G5108Q Galaxy Core Max Duos Repair Firmwares:
G5108ZMU1ANJ1 / CHM1ANJ1 v4.4.4: Download
G5108QZCU1ANI5 / CHC1ANI5 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G5306W / G5308W / G5309W Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G5306WZNU1ANK1 / CHU1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download
G5308WZMU1ANK2 / CHM1ANK2 v4.4.4: Download
G5309WKEU1ANK1 / CTC1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G550FY Galaxy On5 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G550FYDDU1AOIB / ODD1AOIB India v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G710 Galaxy Grand 2 Repair Firmwares:
G710XXUANB3 / OJVANB3 Arabic v4.3: Download
G710XXUANB4 / UWAAND1 v4.3 : Download
Samsung G730A Galaxy S3 Mini AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G730AUCUAMH4 / ATTAMH4 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G750A Galaxy Mega 2 AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G750AUCU1ANI1 / ATT1ANI1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G7102 Galaxy Grand 2 DUOS Repair Firmwares:
G7102XWUBNK1 / OLBBNJ1 v4.4.2 : Download
G7102XXUAML7 / OJVAML3 Arabic v4.3: Download
G7102XXUANG2 / OLBANG1 v4.3 : Download
G7102XXUBNG8 / OLBBNG3 v4.4.2 : Download
G7102XXUBNJ2 / OXEBNJ2 v4.4.2 : Download
Samsung G7102T Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7102TVJUANI1 / ZTOANI1 Brazil v4.3: Download
Samsung G7105 Galaxy Grand 2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
G7105XXUANAA / OXXANA2 v4.3: Download
Samsung G7106 Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7106ZNUANA1 / CHUANA1 v4.3: Download
Samsung G7108 Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7108ZMUANA5 / CHMANA5 v4.3: Download
Samsung G7200 Galaxy Grand 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7200ZCU1ANL4 / CHC1ANL4 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G800F Galaxy S5 Mini Repair Firmwares:
G800FXXU1ANL2 / DTM1ANL1 v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G800H Galaxy S5 Mini Repair Firmwares:
G800HXXU1ANH2 / OXE1ANG2 v4.4.2: Download
G800HXXU1BOI2 / OXY1BOI2 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G850A Galaxy Alpha LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G850AUCU1ANH8 / ATT1ANH8 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung G850F Galaxy Alpha LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G850FXXU2ANI3 / OLB2ANI1 v4.4.4: Download
G850FXXU2BOA2 / DBT2BOB1 v4.4.4: Download
G850FXXU2COI3 / OXE2COI1 Russia v5.0.2: Download
Samsung G900A Galaxy S5 LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G900AUCU2AND3 / ATT2AND3 v4.4.2: Download
G900AUCU4COI5 / ATT4COI5 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G900AZ Galaxy S5 Cricket USA Repair Firmwares:
G900AZTUU3BOG3 / AIO3BOG3 Cricket USA v5.0: Download
Samsung G900F Galaxy S5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FDXU1BOH4 / OLB1BOH4 v5.0: Download
G900FXXU1ANG2 / OXE1ANG2 v4.4.2: Download
G900FXXU1BOC7 / OXE1BOC2 v5.0: Download
G900FXXU1POCH / VIA1POCH v5.0: Download
G900FXXS1CPC8 / SLK1CPB2 Sri Lanka v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G900FD Galaxy S5 Duos LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FDXXU1BNL9 / OXE1BNL9 v5.0 Russia: Download
Samsung G900FQ Galaxy S5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FQJVU1BOF1 / QTUR1BOF1 Turkey v5.0: Download
Samsung G900H Galaxy S5 HSPA Repair Firmwares: 
G900HXXU1ANK1 / OXE1ANK3 v4.4.2: Download
G900HXXU1BOAD / OXY1BOAD v5.0: Download
G900HXXU1BOG5 / ODD1BOG1 India v5.0: Download
Samsung G900I Galaxy S5 Repair Firmwares:
G900IDDU1BOD3 / ODD1BOD2 India v5.0: Download
G900IDVU1BOE1 / XSA1BOD2 Australia v5.0: Download
Samsung G900M Galaxy S5 Repair Firmwares:
G900MUBU1BOE1 / IUS1BOE1 v5.0: Download
Samsung G900P Galaxy S5 Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
G900PVPU1ANE5 / SPT1ANE5 SPR Sprint USA v4.4.2: Download
G900PVPU3BOG1 / SPT3BOG1 SPR Sprint USA v5.0: Download
Samsung G900T Galaxy S5 LTE-A T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
G900TUVU1ANE6 / TMB1ANE6 v4.4.2: Download
Samsung G900T1 Galaxy S5 MetroPCS USA Repair Firmwares:
G900T1UVU1BOH1 / TMB1BOH1 MetroPCS USA v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G900V Galaxy S5 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G900VVRU2BOG5 / VZW2BOG5 VZW Verizon USA v5.0: Download
Samsung G900W8 Galaxy S5 Canada Repair Firmwares:
G900W8VLU1BOC2 / OYA1BOC2 BMC Bell Canada v5.0: Download
Samsung G901F Galaxy S5 Plus LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G901FXXU1ANH6 / VFG1ANI1 v4.4.4: Download
G901FXXU1BOC4 / PHN1BOC1 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung G903F Galaxy S5 Neo LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G903FXXU1AOI2 / OXA1AOI2 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G920A Galaxy S6 AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G920AUCU3BOJ7 / ATT3BOJ7 AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G920F Galaxy S6 Repair Firmwares:
G920FXXU1AOBN / OXE1AOC6 Russia v5.0.2: Download
G920FXXU1AODE / OXE1AODE Russia v5.0.2: Download
G920FXXU2COH2 / OXE2COH2 Russia v5.1.1: Download
G920FXXU3COI9 / BTU3COJ1 UK 5.1.1: Download
G920FXXU3DPAD / OXA3DPAE v6.0.1: Download
G920FXXU3DPBG / BTU3DPB1 UK v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G920I Galaxy S6 Repair Firmwares:
G920IDVU1AOD1 / ODD1AOD1 India v5.0.2: Download
G920IDVU1BOF6 / OLC1BOG1 v5.0.2: Download
G920IDVU2COGA / ODD2COGA India v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G920P Galaxy S6 USA Sprint Repair Firmwares:
G920PVPU1AOCF / SPT1AOCF Sprint USA v5.0.2: Download
Samsung G920T Galaxy S6 T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G920TUVU3DOI1 / TMB3DOI1 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G920V Galaxy S6 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G920VVRU1AOC3 / VZW1AOC3 Verizon USA v5.0.2: Download
Samsung G925A Galaxy S6 Edge Repair Firmwares:
G925AUCU3BOJ7 / ATT3BOJ7 v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G925F Galaxy S6 Edge LTE Repair Firmwares:
G925FXXU1AOCV / OXE1AOD1 v5.0.2: Download
G925FXXU3COI9 / BTU3COJ1 UK v5.1.1: Download
G925FXXU3DPAD / OXA3DPAD XEU UK / Ireland v6.0.1: Download
G925FXXU3DPB1 / BTU3DPB1 UK v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G925I Galaxy S6 Edge LTE Repair Firmwares:
G925IDVU1AOD1 / ODD1AOD1 India v5.0.2: Download
G925IDVU2COGA / ODD2COGA India v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G925T Galaxy S6 Edge T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G925TUVU1AOCG / TMB1AOCG T-Mobile USA v5.0.2: Download
G925TUVU2COF6 / TMB2COF6 T-Mobile USA V5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928A Galaxy S6 Edge Plus AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G928AUCU1AOGG / ATT1AOGG AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download
G928AUCU2AOJ1 / ATT2AOJ1 AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928C Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928CXXU1AOGJ / OJV1AOGF Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G928CXXU1AOH3 / OJP1AOH3 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G928CXXU2AOJ5 / OJV2AOJ3 TUR Turkey v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928F Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928FXXU1AOGJ / OXX1AOGG v5.1.1: Download
G928FXXU2AOJ5 / OXA2AOJ3 BTU UK v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928G Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928GDDU1AOH3 / ODD1AOH3 India v5.1.1: Download
G928GUBU1AOGJ / TCE1AOGL v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928I Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928IDVU1AOGK / OLC1AOGF v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928T Galaxy S6 Edge Plus T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G928TUVU2COI5 / TMB2COI5 TMB USA T-Mobile v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G928V Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928VVRU2AOJ2 Verizon USA v5.1.1: Download
Samsung G930A Galaxy S7 AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G930AATT1APB5 / ATT1APB5 AT&T USA v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G930F Galaxy S7 Repair Firmwares:
G930FXXU1APAW / OXA1APBA BTU UK v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APB6 / OLB1APB6 v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APD1 / ODD1APBA India v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APD8 / OJV1APD8 Arabic v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G930P Galaxy S7 LTE Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
G930PVPU2APD3 / SPT2APD3 SPR Sprint USA v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G930R4 Galaxy S7 LTE-A U.S Cellular Repair Firmwares:
G930R4TYU2APD2 / USC2APD2 USC U.S Cellular v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G930W8 Galaxy S7 LTE Canada Repair Firmwares:
G930W8VLU1APD3 / OYA1APD3 XAC Canada v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G930V Galaxy S7 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G930VVRU1APB1 / VZW1APB1 Verizon USA v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G935A Galaxy S7 Edge AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G935AUCU1APB5 / ATT1APB5 AT&T USA v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G935F Galaxy S7 Edge Repair Firmwares:
G935FXXU1APAW / BTU1APB2 UK v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APB6 / OLB1APB6 v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APD1 / ODD1APBA India v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APD8 / OJV1APD8 Arabic v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G935FD Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Duos Repair Firmwares:
G935FDXXU1APDQ / OLB1APD1 v6.0.1: Download
Samsung G935T Galaxy S7 Edge T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G935TUVU1APB6 / TMB1APB6 T-Mobile USA v6.0.1: Downoad
Samsung G935V Galaxy S7 Edge Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G935VVRU1APB1 / VZW1APB1 Verizon USA v6.0.1: Download
Samsung GC100 Galaxy Camera Repair Firmwares:
GC100XXALJF / OLBALJB v4.1.1: Download
Samsung I317 Galaxy Note II AT&T Repair Firmwares:
I317UCUBMK6 / ATTBMK6 v4.3: Download
Samsung I5500 Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5500XWJJ6 / SERJJ2 Russia v2.1: Download
Samsung I5500B Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5500BVJJK1 / ANCJK1 v2.1: Download
Samsung I5503 Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5503DDJG4 / ODDJG4 India v2.1: Download
I5503DXJG5 / OLBJG4 v2.1: Download
I5503JPJPA Arabic v2.2: Download
Samsung I5503T Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5503TDOJJ3 / TNZJJ3 v2.1: Download
Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551 Repair Firmwares:
I5510BOKP6 / DTMKP2 v2.3.6: Downlolad
I5510XWJL1 / SEBJL1 v2.2: Download
Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Repair Firmwares:
I5800XXJG3 / SERJG2 Russia v2.1: Download
Samsung I5800L Galaxy 3 Repair Firmwares:
I5800LUTJH1 /%

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